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I bought my first Gordon Setter in 1993. Molly (Benbuie Lovebird) bred by Annemarie Warren, was the most gentle, loving girl imaginable and when the other Gordons came along she was the one who taught them their manners and how to behave. They all had a great respect for her right up until she died at the grand age of 14.5 years old.

Molly was followed by Meg (Laurelhach Forgotten Dream) who gave me a litter from which I kept Tadpole (Muckypups Kon-Tiki), In turn she had a litter from whom I kept Tetley (Muckypups Moonlight Shadow)  Not being able to breed from Tetley, I then acquired Dibley (Laurelhach Special Reserve) who came from a litter bred by Frances Boxall from Sh Ch Laurelhach Intrigue x Laurelhach Just Jitterbug JW.

I particularly wanted an Intrigue puppy as these lines go back to my Meg, who was a very special girl. All my dogs are primarily family pets but I have also worked each of them in their time on a local pheasant shoot and although outnumbered by spaniels and retrievers they have each acquitted themselves well. I chose not to do field trial competitions with them as this is quite a different discipline to working rough cover beating and picking up on an organised shoot.

I have also been lucky enough to have a really good agility group near to home so Dibley has the fun of joining in there, where due to her speed, she has been nicknamed “The Pocket Rocket” All my girls have been shown over the years all qualifying for Crufts on a regular basis. However showing is a hobby so they have not been shown excessively.

Dibley has now produced a lovely litter of pups and I am delighted to be able to keep a dog puppy this time. Although in the past I have had male dogs this is a first time of having a male Gordon Setter. I am sure he will be great fun!!

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